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The EDA Integration Alliance Partners Program was developed to aid customers with multi-vendor tool flows to be able to get qualified tactical and strategic flow consultation services. The standard support model from the EDA industry is focused on supporting ONLY the setup and operation of the products from the vendor that sold that product. However, the majority of issues from the customer side are related to the data interface and flow interoperability issues between point tools from typically competing suppliers. The EDA IAP is a collaboration of Integration Consultants, EDA Software Vendors, Commercial Foundries / IP & Design Service Providers / Engineering Computing Hardware Providers who have joined forces to provide the following services to the semiconductor design and manufacturing community:
  • Promote tool & data interoperability standards - both developed and defacto.
  • Provide application and process optimized flows that are build using "best of breed" point tools.
  • Provide customers with the ability to chose "best of breed" tools from multiple vendors without vendor repercussions or "high pressure sales tactics" to fill out the flow from single provider when that is NOT the optimum solution.
  • Provide the customers with a trained and knowledgeable independent source for setting up and presenting product evaluation programs.
  • Provide the customers with realistic time tables for flow solutions that are based on AVAILABLE products not VAPORWARE products.
  • Provide the customers with integration consulting that have access to vendor R&D staffing so tool performance optimized solutions can be achieved.