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Michael Gentry
  Mr. Michael Gentry is a senior physical design specialist with over 20 years of full custom physical design experience. Mr. Gentry has focused on the areas of Mixed Signal, RF, I/O, embedded memory and macro cell design in CMOS/Bipolar/Smart Power and sensor technologies. In addition to the full custom physical design, Mr. Gentry has extensive experience with the mask manufacturing aspects of the layout process including die seals, frames, creation of alignment targets, maskview, and mask maker interface.

Mr. Gentry has a background in physical design verification from an application point of view with tools from Avant!, Cadence, Silvaco, IC Editors, Tanner, Rubicad and others. He has worked with both CAD engineering and design engineering to create automated and manual solutions for Antenna, Signal Integrity, DRC, LVS, RC Extraction, and IR Drop issues in a design.

Mr. Gentry has operated as a contract independent physical design resource for 15 years.