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Pallab Chatterjee
  Mr. Pallab Chatterjee is currently the President and Managing Partner of SiliconMap, LLC which was started in June of 2000. Prior to SiliconMap, Mr Chatterjee served the past 15 years as President/CTO of P&D Engineering Consultants, Inc an independent consulting firm specializing in Mixed Signal designs and CAD flows for mixed signal applications.  In addition to his participation in SiliconMap, he is the founder and partner coordinator of the EDA Integration Alliance Partners program which is an collection of tool vendors and other partners working on Mixed Signal and Memory interoperability solutions.

Mr. Chatterjee participates on the Technical Advisory board of several semiconductor and EDA companies in addition to his participation on the Board of Directors of the UC Berkeley Engineering Alumni Society.

Mr Chatterjee holds a BSEE from UC Berkeley, a MSEE from San Jose State and has taught graduate course work at San Jose State.